OpenGL Scene Editor — II

Posted June 27, 2009 by Chemanion
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At last days I was working in a new interface. I will use a gtk’s combobox to select a wavefront model that editor have by default and other two to create/select wavefront lists and its 3D objects(As I said in previous posts I created several TADs to complete these tasks) . The next video show this new interface, nearly I show it doing something useful (Now I only have some combobox that you can put in screen where you wish put them ). You can see video below.

Finally I’ve a new version. Now you can select 3D models and edit them:


OpenGL Scene Editor Beta

Posted June 18, 2009 by Chemanion
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In this video I show a first version from a new program to create “opengl scenes” that I’ve programed it. Althougth I show a wavefront model only, in future we’ll can load several models and record them  in special files in our harddisk to load them from my program “offlinerender” (that I show in my two first videos,it’s the jdec plugin program that show an inverted video). Actually,  I’m programming several Gtk Combo Box to select several wavefront models and they will let you to create wavefront “.obj” list with position,traslation,scale,name and path data’s obj models. (Previously to this I programmed a TAD using “glist” that permit you create 3D objects list with a specific format and a list with several lists as I mentioned them.The TAD include operations that let you write memory lists to specific file’s format,with this property I’ll can load opengl offline render in 4 IPC  shared memory segment and Use these images in jdec visor. In my next post I’m going to explain more about this, actually I have a newer version that I show in my first blog’s post using Memory IPC protected segments).

Welcome to my Blog

Posted March 6, 2009 by Chemanion
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Welcome to my blog. Soon I’ll write some articles about opengl and Gtk about my University’s project. Meanwhile I post some old videos. I published them in youtube with some comments.  (I sorry for my bad english but  I’m spanish and I’m learnig it still ).